Dr. Joe Jarvis for Congress

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Joe Jarvis for Congress

The United States has the dubious distinction of having the most expensive health care system in the world—per person, Americans spend twice as much on health care as citizens of other developed nations….

Joe Jarvis for Congress

Human beings have the capacity to alter our environment in any way we wish, for good or ill. With that ability comes the responsibility to be good stewards of the planet we’ve been given. The major parties have given us a false dichotomy…

Joe Jarvis for Congress

My ancestors settled Utah as refugees from religious persecution. Once they were here, they made the desert bloom. Today, immigrants—including refugees—make Utah’s economy boom. In fact, our economy depends upon immigration….

Joe Jarvis for Congress

My wife and I have each had a turn to be breadwinner and stay-at-home parent. I wouldn’t trade the time I spent raising my daughters for any career in the world. But I’ve also seen my wife face challenges…


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Joseph Q. Jarvis
Dr. Joseph Jarvis
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Meet Dr. Jarvis

A little background

Dr. Joseph Quinn Jarvis is descended from Utah pioneers. He’s experienced a varied career as a physician, a public health officer, an academic, an author, and a small business owner. Though he’d been active in Republican politics for years, he left the GOP in 2016, when it nominated a presidential candidate who Joe found incompatible with his Utah values. Dr. Jarvis has long been an advocate for a better, simpler, cheaper health care system based on single-payer reform.